Paul Senior and Orange County Choppers Build the Ultimate Meteorite Bike
Premieres Thursday, September 2 on TLC
In the spring of 2010 Paul Teutul Senior and the design team at Orange County Choppers were commissioned to design the Meteorite Bike—the ultimate meteorite hunting machine for Science Channel's Meteorite Men: Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold.

Geoff and Steve spent several days at the OCC headquarters meeting with the designers and engineers to discuss the type of equipment the bike would need to carry, and how it would need to perform in the field. A custom frame was built, with a platform attached on the right-hand side of the motorcycle, along with a swivel seat and equipment locker. Loaded with a wide assortment of special features, such as a column and antenna for a special GPS system, holders and clamps for laptops, metal detectors, shovels and other tools, and a cable winch that can be mounted on the front or the back, the Meteorite Men Motorcycle is a tough, go-anywhere, off-road powerhouse. [Click photos to enlarge]

The six-speed transmission is geared low to allow the bike to cruise across rough terrain at modest while pulling the Meteorite Men's giant detector, but it can also blast down the highway at impressive speeds. The Meteorite Bike is equipped with three extra-wide Trucker Rocky ATV tires for maximum traction in sand and mud. The massive machine weighs approximately 900 pounds, and has plenty of power to carry Steve and Geoff, all of their hunting gear, and even a giant meteorite when required.

The Meteorite Bike was delivered personally to the Meteorite Men by Paul Sr., while they were working at their secret Alpha Site in June of 2010. The Meteorite Men guest star on episode four of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, which premieres on TLC on September 2, 2010.

The Meteorite Bike will also be featured on Season Two of Meteorite Men the award-winning series, as Geoff and Steve employ it as their newest secret weapon in the thrilling search for rare and valuable rocks from space. The new season of Meteorite Men premieres in October, 2010, only on Science Channel and Science Channel HD.

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