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During the fall of 2005, my friend and expedition partner Steve Arnold stunned the meteorite world with the discovery of a 1,430-pound Brenham pallasite in the Kiowa County, Kansas strewnfield. Meteorites were first found in the area during the 1880s and then by H.H. Nininger in the 1930s and H.O. Stockwell in the 1940s. In subsequent decades a few additional masses were unearthed, but the general consensus was that no more meteorites awaited discovery in the little township 90 minutes west of Wichita. After his initial find, I joined Steve in the strewnfield and we uncovered several more masses, some of them while filming for The Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures for The Travel Channel, and Wired Science for PBS.

In September, 2008 Steve and I returned to Brenham where we met up with a Discovery Channel film crew to work on a three-part science documentary named Galactic Collisions.
Here is the story of our meteorite hunt with The Discovery Channel >>>

Photographs by Geoffrey Notkin and Madeline Jolley
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