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With Nininger number and Nininger/Canyon Diablo coin!

New Listing Excellent Nininger collection Canyon Diablo. Distinct thumbprints, classic deep patina and Nininger number, 34-4767; all you could ask for in a CD. This specimen will come with a Canyon Diablo/Nininger coin. There is a fragment of a Canyon Diablo meteorite embedded on one side of the coin and a portrait of HH Nininger on the reverse.
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495.1 grams  77 mm x 58 mm x 47 mm


Elongated full slice

New Listing A full slice with a spectacular patchwork Widmanstatten pattern and large inclusions. One of our favorite slices in the Aerolite offices at the moment.

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407.0 grams  212
mm x 85 mm x 4 mm


Large slice from Nininger's classic find

New Listing A slice packed with both large and small fragmented silicate and siderite segments, showing the intriguing relationship between both components.

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147.9 grams  157
mm x 92 mm x 4 mm


One of the stars of Eleven Space Sculptures

New Listing
A spectacular regmaglypted individual with natural hole and the actual #11 of the Sikhote-Alins featured on the celebrated "Eleven Space Sculptures" postcard. It is accompanied by postcard #11/1000 and signed by photographer and Aerolite president, Geoff Notkin.
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212.8 grams
68 mm x 54 mm x 44 mm


A regmaglypted wonder

New Listing This astonishing large stone, enveloped in regmaglypts of multiple sizes is simply one of the finest chondrites we've ever seen. Awash with superb surface features it is worthy of any major museum collection and an absolute beauty.

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15.75 kilograms / 34.7 pounds  
mm x 276 mm x 158 mm


Le Petit Prince

New Listing "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince) is named after the delightful children's book by French author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, as it reminds us of the minor planet upon with the protagonist is seen standing. This monster is the single largest meteorite Aerolite has ever offered for sale. Not for the faint of heart. Large photos >>>
213 kilograms / 469 pounds  
mm x 418 mm x 230 mm


The Pelican

New Listing This exquisite highly sculptural piece with an extraordinarily deep crevice reminds us of a pensive pelican gazing at the ocean. It presents several more mysterious zoomorphic characteristics in other orientations. A sultry beauty and one of a kind.

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10.75 kilograms / 27 pounds
mm x 182 mm x 116 mm


Large siderite initial

New Listing This hefty beast is a complete Seymchan siderite with an interesting gnarled surface and appealing bronze patina. We considered cutting this piece in half, in order to etch it and display the superb Widmanstatten Pattern shown by this meteorite, but thought we should let it's new owner decide.
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13.85 kilograms / 30 1/2 pounds
mm x 155 mm x 115 mm


Exceptional large individual

New Listing This spectacular large mass presents a very unusual shape, good patina, and massive, deep regmaglypts. Note the unusual crevasses and surface striations. Space rock cool, and then some.

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45.45 kilograms / 100 pounds
mm x 304 mm x 225 mm


Asteroid With Holes: A Still Life

New Listing It's not often we get to say: "We've never seen a meteorite like this!" but we haven't. Weighing in just shy of 90 lbs, this asteroid-shaped iron giant comes with its own craters. Who will mine it first? Deep Space Industries or Planetary Resources?

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40.70 kilograms / 89 1/2 pounds
mm x 222 mm x 172 mm


Unusually large slice from Nininger's classic find

New Listing Recovered by H.H. Nininger 40 miles from the nearest village in a remote part of the Philippines during the 1950s, the original, and only, mass weighed a staggering 1,955 pounds. This exquisite slice shows the origin of the intriguing Bondoc nodules. An historic and important mesosiderite.
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180.0 grams  164
mm x 96 mm x 4 mm


SIKHOTE-ALIN "The Hedgehog"
A spectacular hybrid!
New Listing
We have no idea how such a massive, heavy meteorite can remind us of a hedgehog, but it does. A most amazing specimen, this significant piece is a hybrid; a shrapnel individual with a segment of the exterior. The outside rind section displays very distinct regmaglypts. The shrapnel portion clearly shows lamella structure. Love to see those large metal crystals. Outstanding! See the large photos >>>
23.05 kg

240 mm x 200 mm x 195 mm



An oldie and a goodie!
This fine individual was likely found fairly soon after the 1947 fall, as there are still traces of blue-gray fusion crust remaining and a some natural patina, something rarely seen on Sikhote-Alins that were found more recently. This specimen has a good sculptural shape, lamella structure clearly visible where it broke in flight, well defined regmaglypts and multiple distinct flow lines.
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820.4 grams
90 mm x 78 mm x 75 mm


Excellent specimen with green/gray streaks

A solid specimen with blocky shape, intriguing surface features and wonderful smoky green hue. This individual has banding caused by remnant pieces of the impactor. And a textural difference clearly displaying subsurface (less polished and small depressions) versus above surface (polished and larger depressions) features. Such a great piece!
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426.9 grams  96 mm x 89 mm x 73 mm



Excellent polished end cut

Excellent polished end cut showing abundant dark silicate inclusions suspended in a highly polished nickel-iron matrix. Expertly prepared to highlight the remarkable contrast of materials.

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1,316 grams

138 mm x 106 mm x 62 mm


Exceptional large L6 full slice

An excellent large full slice of this desirable and classic American find. This meteorite was originally found around 1986, by farmers working a new field, but not recognized as a meteorite until 1995. This slice has a smattering of metal flecks surrounded by a dark matrix with significant chondrules. One side has a high polish, while the reverse is matte finished.
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896.0 grams


An impressive, large Sikhote-Alin shrapnel

This large shrapnel piece is a joy to examine. Jagged edges, striations and a distinct piece of twisted metal; the results of the forces involved in ripping apart an iron meteorite are rather visible in this specimen. Arresting!

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4,034 grams
192 mm x 156 mm x 63 mm


Exquisite matched pair, expertly prepared

Perhaps 1 in 1,000 Campo del Cielo irons are silicated and this exceptional example has a startling visual similarity to Portales Valley, but at a fraction of the cost. The last pair we had went to the Center for Meteorite Studies and is on permanent display, giving an idea of the allure of these gorgeous specimens. See the large photos >>>
5,189 grams
total (3,063 and 2,126 grams)
150 x 147 x 70 and 150 mm x 145 mm x 62 mm


"CAMPO" LAS PALMAS 3,630 grams
Sculptural individual with natural patina

Although structurally similar to Campo, we still believe that Las Palmas (provisional) is an entirely different meteorite, based on the location of the strewnfield (200 miles away and at right angles) and the different appearance (well preserved with remnant fusion crust and fine regmaglypts). We still await a final decision on this, but it is an excellent iron, regardless. See the large photos >>>
3,630 grams    185 mm x 111 mm x 74 mm



CAMPO DEL CIELO 28.75 kilograms
Superb sculptural individual

Due to a ban on exportation from Argentina, it is no longer possible to acquire large, top quality Campo del Cielos. This is one of our very last significant AAA-grade specimens. A beautiful sculptural piece with marvelous deep grooves and exceptional character. See the large photos >>>

28.75 kilograms


Excellent sculptural individual

Spectacular large individual with exceptional shape. This fine piece displays very deep and well-formed regmaglypts, and marvelous surface features. A beauty!

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9,543 grams   210 mm x 181 mm x 111 mm



DIMMITT 1,137.2 grams
Outstanding individual with two hand-painted numbers

This beautiful complete individual, with rich natural patina, is from the important Oscar Monnig Meteorite Collection. It features two hand-painted numbers (Huss/Monnig and original Monnig), thumbprints and remnant fusion crust. A gorgeous and desirable historic meteorite.
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138 mm x 80 mm x 70 mm

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