When we say "museum quality," we mean it. The meteorites featured on this page are among the best of the best available anywhere, and would grace any major collection. Layaways and payment plans always available.

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Excellent specimen with green/gray streaks

New listing A solid specimen with blocky shape, intriguing surface features and wonderful smoky green hue. This individual has banding caused by remnant pieces of the impactor. And a textural difference clearly displaying subsurface (less polished and small depressions) versus above surface (polished and larger depressions) features. Such a great piece!
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426.9 grams  96 mm x 89 mm x 73 mm



Spectacular large shrapnel piece with custom stand

New Listing Words can barely describe this absolutely phenomenal large Sikhote-Alin shrapnel specimen. It is one of the finest meteorites we have ever seen in the Aerolite offices. This large piece comes with a custom armature stand that turns easily, allowing for viewing from all sides. And we can say, you will certainly want to view this beauty from all angles.
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14.4 kilograms
250 mm x 235 mm x 130 mm


Excellent polished end cut

New Listing Excellent polished end cut showing abundant dark silicate inclusions suspended in a highly polished nickel-iron matrix. Expertly prepared to highlight the remarkable contrast of materials.

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2,890 grams

138 mm x 106 mm x 62 mm


CAMPO DEL CIELO "Picasso's Owl"
A masterpiece of nickel-iron engineering

New Listing The finder described this piece to us as "The best-ever super-excellent Campo," but our CEO insists it looks like an abstract owl, as if sculpted by Picasso. With scores of multi-sized, overlapping thumbprints, an exquisite shape crisscrossed by deep crevasses, it displays magnificently in every orientation. Excellence in cosmic engineering and absolutely the best of the best.
36.45 kilograms / 80 lbs   365 mm x 291 mm x 234 mm


Unique, world-class historic meteorite artifact set

New Listing This extraordinary historic artifact was discovered in the deserts of Northwest Africa by a friend and colleague. It is not only a new iron meteorite, but also a unique and remarkable ancient tool. Employed as a hammer by a (probably) prehistoric user, it is accompanied by the two axe blades/chisels also fashioned by a blacksmith from the same meteorite.
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2,746.2 grams total 


Exceptional large L6 full slice

New Listing An excellent large full slice of this desirable and classic American find. This meteorite was originally found around 1986, by farmers working a new field, but not recognized as a meteorite until 1995. This slice has a smattering of metal flecks surrounded by a dark matrix with significant chondrules. One side has a high polish, while the reverse is matte finished.
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896.0 grams


An impressive, large Sikhote-Alin shrapnel

New Listing This large shrapnel piece is a joy to examine. Jagged edges, striations and a distinct piece of twisted metal; the results of the forces involved in ripping apart an iron meteorite are rather visible in this specimen. Arresting!

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4,034 grams
192 mm x 156 mm x 63 mm


A large full slice of this desirable pallasite

New Listing A spectacular full slice of this desirable pallasite from our neighbors to the north. Absolutely loaded with olivine crystals, many of which are translucent and display a gorgeous, rich honey color. An outstanding display piece.
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168.4 grams

164 mm x 104 mm x 3 mm



SIKHOTE-ALIN 475.4 grams
Outstanding oriented regmaglypted individual

New Listing Wow! There so much to say about this piece. Nose cone, rollover lip, flow lines; just about every flight marking you can ask for. Plus orientated, elongated regmaglypts and hints of original patina. Simply stunning.
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475.4 grams  91 mm x 58 mm x 44 mm


SIKHOTE-ALIN 7,608 grams
Excellent oriented regmaglypted individual

New Listing What a treat it is to be able to offer a large Sikhote-Alin individual again. It's been years since we had a specimen this large and impressive. Note the giant regmaglypts and clear orientation and don't miss the large pictures >>>

7,608 grams  225 mm x 141 mm x 104 mm


SIKHOTE-ALIN 672.0 grams
Engaging regmaglypted individual

Our favorite meteorite, Sikhote-Alin has now effectively disappeared from the marketplace. This very lovely sculptural and heavily regmaglypted individual came to us via an old collection. Only lightly cleaned, it retains some original patina and remnant fusion crust. A lovely example.
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672.0 grams  83 mm x 81 mm x 59 mm


CAMPO DEL CIELO 10.15 kilograms
Exceptional iron with very large natural hole

Iron meteorites with natural holes have a special place in the hearts of collectors. This example boasts one of the largest natural holes we've ever seen in a meteorite. This iron also displays a lovely natural patina and will make a spectacular display piece for the serious collector. See the large photos >>>

10.15 kilograms
248 mm x 128 mm x 135 mm



Exquisite matched pair, expertly prepared

Perhaps 1 in 1,000 Campo del Cielo irons are silicated and this exceptional example has a startling visual similarity to Portales Valley, but at a fraction of the cost. The last pair we had went to the Center for Meteorite Studies and is on permanent display, giving an idea of the allure of these gorgeous specimens. See the large photos >>>
5,189 grams
total (3,063 and 2,126 grams)
150 x 147 x 70 and 150 mm x 145 mm x 62 mm


"CAMPO" LAS PALMAS 3,630 grams
Sculptural individual with natural patina

Although structurally similar to Campo, we still believe that Las Palmas (provisional) is an entirely different meteorite, based on the location of the strewnfield (200 miles away and at right angles) and the different appearance (well preserved with remnant fusion crust and fine regmaglypts). We still await a final decision on this, but it is an excellent iron, regardless. See the large photos >>>
3,630 grams    185 mm x 111 mm x 74 mm



CAMPO DEL CIELO 28.75 kilograms
Superb sculptural individual

Due to a ban on exportation from Argentina, it is no longer possible to acquire large, top quality Campo del Cielos. This is one of our very last significant AAA-grade specimens. A beautiful sculptural piece with marvelous deep grooves and exceptional character. See the large photos >>>

28.75 kilograms


Excellent sculptural individual

Spectacular large individual with exceptional shape. This fine piece displays very deep and well-formed regmaglypts, and marvelous surface features. A beauty!

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9,543 grams   210 mm x 181 mm x 111 mm



TAZA (NWA 859)
Superb large regmaglypted individual

Absolutely one of the best desert irons we've ever seen. An exquisite shape, covered in large well-formed thumbprints, and displaying magnificently in many orientations. A five-star iron offered well below normal retail price.

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2,045 grams  140 mm x 115 mm x 72 mm


DIMMITT 1,137.2 grams
Outstanding individual with two hand-painted numbers

This beautiful complete individual, with rich natural patina, is from the important Oscar Monnig Meteorite Collection. It features two hand-painted numbers (Huss/Monnig and original Monnig), thumbprints and remnant fusion crust. A gorgeous and desirable historic meteorite.
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138 mm x 80 mm x 70 mm

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