The expedition is expected to last about two days. Rob and Sonny will discuss with the winner what he/she would like to see and do. Options include hunting in California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. The tour could take in known sites, such as Franconia and Mohave dry lake beds, or strike out for new unexplored areas. Dry lake bed hunting will likely include use of two or more ATVs, and Rob Reisener's famous Meteorite Mobile.

The prize winner is responsible for personal transportation to staging city (probably Las Vegas or Phoenix), motel accommodation (if needed) and meals. All in-field transportation, equipment, and expertise will be provided. One or more other meteorite hunters may join the trip for added gusto (details TBA). There is no guarantee that any meteorites will be found, but you can't do better than hunting with these two seasoned pros.

Specific details will be worked out with the winner, but Rob and Sonny want to accommodate the winner's wishes as best they can.